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Business processes are a continuous cycle of action and reaction to changes in competitive, technological, industrial, employee, client and resource environments. Each change is an opportunity to learn how to expand your organizational capability, adaptability and productivity to create a continuous upward spiral of evolving strengths. These are your strengths that no competitor can replicate or remove. The evolutionary model of "adapt or die" applies to all organizations. You can either learn how to learn to adapt, or you can become extinct.

Many times we speak of the organization as if it was a single entity - but it's not. Each organization is a dynamic, living organism composed of individuals. In order for the organization to learn how to adapt, each individual must learn how to adapt.  No organization exists alone. Every organization is dependent on interacting with other organizations to survive and thrive.

It's not easy to learn how to adapt to change, but there is no alternative. It cannot be a one time event, it is a continuous process. A process that requires...

     Understanding the Politics of Power
     Removing Islands of Knowledge
     Increasing Internal and External Collaboration
     Moving from Reaction to Catalytic Action
     Focusing on Performance not Procedures
     Enhancing Strategic instead of Functional Attitudes
     Recognizing all Levels of Leadership
     Developing Rewarding Relationships
     Understanding the Infinite Value of Learning
     Supporting Informal Learning and Knowledge Transfer
     Applying the Platinum Rule

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